Bollywood star heroine Deepika Padukone’s Alter Egos video is trending on social media

Everyone knows that it is always active. From time to time he shares updates on his films as well as opinions with the fans. However, a dance video recently posted on social media has gone full viral. In that dance video posted on Instagram, Deepika expressed many feelings. In this Instagram video .. Deepika Powder is seen wearing lime panty shrug along with pink panty crop tops. In this video, Deepika shows many changes while dancing. And “I .. My Alter Egos!” Said the line.

Currently Deepika Alter Egos video is trending on social media. Meanwhile, it is reported that Deepika is busy breathing in terms of movies. Because with the handful of movies planned to look a few years without a gap. The seller finally shined in his home production Chapak Movie. Currently sports drama 83 is all set to line up for a new film directed by Shakun Batra as well as a Pathan Hollywood hit The Intern remake with fighter Bollywood badshah Shahrukh Khan opposite Hrithik Roshan. Apart from these, Darling is doing a sci-fi thriller movie with Prabhas and Amitabh. Meanwhile .. Draupadi is said to be playing the role of acting as a partner in the construction of the Mahabharata. In total, the seller kept the space vacant for another two years. First, with 83 movies coming to the front of the audience.

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