Mallu Beauty to makes her debut in Tollywood with the movie ‘Ante .. Sundaraniki’

Four new heroines are being introduced to Tollywood this year. Kritika Shetty is introducing Ketika Sharma in the movie ‘Uppena’ with Ananya Pandey and Akash Puri in ‘Liger’ starring Vijay Devarakonda. These three boy heroines are .. meniscus with no curves. These three are preparing to make a noise of beauty on the screen .. to shake the youth. Falling minds are eager to derail. Theaters have also been powdered and trimmed for these muddugummala movies.

These three heroines are okay .. and your question is who is the fourth heroine. Although the heroine is not a child, she possesses a beauty that is invisible to the naked eye. She is the beauty that makes the new moon shine like a dot. So far she is Nazriya Nazeem. Yes, she is the heroine who introduced beauty like fragrance to the Malayalam screen. Nazriya’s name reminds me of her wide eyes that cover the sky with eyelids. There are a lot of guys trying to get caught between those glances.

Such Nazriya .. From the very beginning, Malayalam movies have been doing more. Jigel Mantu shines only occasionally in Tamil movies. For the first time, this beautiful woman who has made all the fans wallow in her eyes is getting ready to shine a new beauty on the Telugu screen. She is being introduced through the movie ‘Ante .. Sundaraniki’ which will be directed by Vivek Atreya as Nani’s hero. Maybe guys would have expected so much luck after Corona!

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