Milky Beauty as the heroine in ‘Non Varuven’ as Dhanush

The senior heroines think it is great to get a chance in any movie in the context of the current competition between the heroines. Hence, they are taking advantage of any opportunity that comes their way. Tamanna is also traveling in the same category. With the arrival of Opakka Kottammayila, the chances for seniors are declining.

It seems that the seller said OK to an offer from Tamil in this order. Dhanush is making a movie with his brother Selvaraghavan as the hero. The name of the film is ‘Non Varuven’. The film crew approached Tamanna for the lead role in the film, which is based on a gangster storyline. It is said that this small gave the green signal to the project.

Previously, Dhanush and Tamanna acted as a couple in two films ‘Padikkadavan’ and ‘Vengai’. After a gap of one year, the two are now starring as a couple in ‘Non Varuven’.

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