Puja Double Dhamaka in Summer?

Pooja Hegde, the doll who entertained with a picture in Ala Vaikunthapuram for Sankranthi last year .. has not been seen again since then. Despite the news that her latest film Most Eligible Batch Lore will be released for these wallpapers a few years back. The family romantic entertainer will be shooting in Taluk by the end of the month. It is said that Akhil will be making a splash in Star Theaters in early summer.

If the same is true .. Double Dhamaka Khayamannamata for Pooja fans in summer. With the arrival of the most eligible batch laureate in early summer, Radheshyam, who is performing puja with young rebel star Prabhas on April 30, is coming. So .. Double Dhamaka Khayamannamata from this sale in Summer. And .. the noise to be made with the Batch Law Stars this summer .. we have to see to what extent Pooja will be a plus for the career.

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